In issue 11 we learn about the return of James Rolleston, we talk shit with Jason Hoyte, and we enter the Island of Woo. We also get into the unknown with UFOs, find out about how sustainability begins at home, and go south of the border, down Mexico way in, erm, Ōhope.



Great question mate

Jason Hoyte has built a career on what he politely calls 'talking shit' whether it be on the fishing show parody Screaming Reels or his Radio Hauraki gig with Leigh Hart. The boy from Rotorua tells Plenty what it's actually all about.


Is there a corridor of UFO activity that runs through the Bay of Plenty, have we already made contact with alien life, and why do we have to meet in a garden centre to get a coffee at Easter. UFOCUS NZ President Suzanne Hansen tells all.

Boy, interrupted

 James Rolleston charmed the nation in Boy before his meteoric rise was put on hold in the wake of a car crash in his Ōpōtiki hometown. Now he's back on the big screen and eager to pick up where things left off.

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