In issue 13 it’s fun in the sun as Craig Phillips talks about pirates and the creative process, Matt Mortimer goes back to the future with a Rotorua supercar, we learn about the good oil, Alexandra Pickles meets writer Lee Murray, and Plenty gets the word on the street about burgers and cheese, while the humble kūmara prepares to enter the limelight..



Craig Phillips’ has just scooped a national book award and has worked with clients as varied as the Foo Fighters and Neil Gaiman. Plenty catches up to see how he does it.

In Cheeses we trust

Meet Lorenzo. Lorenzo makes cheese. Really very good cheese. Right here in the Bay. Be like Lorenzo. Or at least read about Lorenzo. And yes, it’s just Lorenzo. Like Cher. Or Madonna.


Spring is in the air – and if you are contemplating cleaning here is a great article on how to make sure your spring spruce up doesn’t put lots of nasty chemicals into your air!

Plenty brings you the very best of the Bay.




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