In issue 12 the writing is on the wall in Tauranga, we have a soundtrack supplied by the likely lads from Apollo SteamTrain and Vinyl Destination, Plenty confronts the flu, looks into a place for our past, then goes  good will hunting, and we meet some of the Bay’s best who are keeping it real, just like it says on the tin.


Writing on the wall

If you needed any further evidence that the Bay is the ne plus ultra of Kiwi creativity, then meet Jah Smith and look no further than Tauranga’s Street Prints.


100 years ago death stalked the Bay;
100 years later we’re still asking why.

Rip it up and
start again

Vinyl rekids, a radio station broadcasting from a high street store, a live venue, DJs doubling as baristas: ladies and gents, the one, the only, Vinyl Destination.

Plenty brings you the very best of the Bay.




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