In issue 14 we talk to the animals with Annis Parker, we spell Jenny Michie’s name right, we meet a man who makes murals and a woman who weaves, things get spicy on the food pages, and like it says below we’re into the galaxy with Leighton Fairlie.


The Jean Batten Story

This is a story that begins in a cottage in Amohia Street in Rotorua and ends in an unmarked grave in Spain; in between it traces a remarkable arc, from up above the clouds, to Buckingham Palace, it sees world records broken, and shows the world that Kiwis – and especially Kiwi girls – can fly.

Fish and chips and hindsight

Jennie Michie goes in search of crispy, salty goodness.


12,000 beer cans.
In a shed.
Enough said really.

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