Plenty - The Exhibition

6 July - 21 August 2019
Te Kōputu A Te Whanga A Toi –
the Whakatāne Library and Exhibition Centre

It’s here at last, it’s completely Y2K compatible, but it may contain traces of nuts. Yes folks, just when you thought it was safe to go back into a museum gallery, the Plenty Exhibition is here. We’re getting off the couch, off the page and up onto the walls of Te Kōputu a Te Whanga A Toi – the Whakatāne Library and Exhibition Centre for seven weeks to look back at some of the great people we’ve met and the stories we’ve told. We’re also celebrating four – yup, four – years of inky goodness, so there’ll be workshops and floor talks to boot. 

If you only go to one gallery exhibition this year then you should come to this one. But you should also really get out more. »More info


Plenty Issue 15

It’s all good as we talk politics with James Shaw, get it on like Donkey Kong with Albert Belz, and meet ace Ōhiwa illustrator Katrin Kadelke, while J.P. Pomare puts Maketū on the literary map, Plenty gets to have its cake and eat it, and Jenny Michie talks about the sad demise of the jandal (kind of).


Astroman - Albert Belz

It’s back to the future in 80s Whakatāne video arcades with Albert Belz’s latest stage play Astroman

Call Me JOsh

Rotorua-born J.P. Pomare’s debut thriller wowed critics, started a bidding war, and scared the living daylights out of readers.

An interview with
James Shaw

You know the name, you know the face, but there’s lots you don’t know about the Green leader and his Bay connections.

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